5 Best Music Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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There was a time when the only source of music streaming was radio. As time passed by and websites and apps appeared in the scene where you can stream thousands of hours of music. Some of these websites are free while the other websites charge for subscriptions.

Those who are familiar with the music streaming services often keep the available content as the main criteria for choosing a particular app. Following is the list of the top music streaming sites that are popular among iPhone users.

Best Music Apps for iPhone and iPad 2023

1. Apple Music

Apple launched its own music streaming services back in 2015. Currently, the company is charging $9.99 per month for a single-user plan and $14.99 for a family plan. Apple has a long list of the best music available for your stream and enjoy.

There are a lot of users who prefer the Apple ecosystem that means they own different products of Apple-like iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc and Apple Music will be the best choice. You do not need to separately download the application on your phone as it comes pre-installed.

2. Amazon Music

For those who are Amazon Prime members, there is a service for music streaming known as Amazon Music. The company has a huge catalog of the best artists from across the globe to choose from. There are specific categories or stations such as “All 80s” etc which you can select if you are a fan of that specific genre.

You can buy Amazon Music Unlimited which is a premium subscription plan for streaming music under which you will get access to more than 10 million songs. The premium membership costs $15 per month and it can integrate with Amazon Alexa too to playback songs on Echo or Dot.

3. Spotify

Without a doubt, Spotify is the largest music streaming service available across the globe. The company has launched its services in almost every potential international market in the last few years.

The app is available at $10 per month subscription for a single user plan and $15 per month for the family plan. Spotify also allows you to download the content to listen to it offline which is a huge data saver especially for the users who live in countries with expensive mobile data.

4. Soundcloud

If you are one of those who are more interested in discovering independent and new artists from across the globe, then SoundCloud will be the best choice for you. SoundCloud is immensely popular among artists because it allows the artists to launch their own music without the need for any record contract.

On the app, you can add songs to your list of favorites, follow bands and musicians you like, and create the playlists of your choice. ‘Go’ subscription is available at $6 per month on SoundCloud while the ‘Go+’ costs $13 per month.

5. Google Play and Youtube

Two of the entities of Google, Google Play Music, and YouTube offer music streaming services. Youtube has established its roots in the paid subscription market recently. An ad-supported version of Youtube music is available for free while you can also opt for its paid version which will cost you $10 per month.

If you like Youtube’s original content you can pay an additional $2 and avail yourself access to Original Movies and TV shows on Youtube as well. It is believed that with time Google will fade out Google Play Music and will concentrate on Youtube Music Premium only.

Music streaming has made it easier for users to find the best content of their choice while the companies have managed to put a stop to pirated music. It has become easier to find songs and create a playlist of your choice.

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