5 Best VR Apps for iPhone in 2023

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In the last few years, Virtual Reality or VR has become a hot topic of discussion. A lot of companies are figuring out how they can use this technology to attract more customers. Especially the gaming and real estate market have accepted this technology with open hands.

iPhone users have been waiting for the iGlasses for a very long time and they are still not even close to mass production for the public. However, there are some gadgets like Google Cardboard available in the market which iPhone users can use and enjoy VR technology on their smartphones.

To run any VR content, you need a headset and a VR app. Here is the list of best VR apps that are available for iPhone users.

Best VR Apps for iPhone 2023

1. Google Cardboard

Google is a pioneer in developing products based on the latest technology available in the market. To provide content with Google Cardboard, the company has developed supporting apps for iPhone users.

As this app is free, you can enjoy the content available without worrying about any additional cost. There are 5 VR experiences available on this app that are Eiffel Tower, museums and exhibits, Northern Lights by Arctic Journey and urban hike.

2. Youtube

Youtube was among the very first apps that make 360-degree content available for users. The artists and content creators are developing mind-blowing content for the VR section of Youtube which is a win-win situation for both creators and viewers as you will get new content almost every day and the creators will make money from the monetized content.

3. Discovery VR

Discovery is known for its scientific content and the experience the teams have is a dream for most of the viewers. With the VR capabilities of this app, you can enjoy some amazing shows by Discovery in Virtual Reality and feel how the teams would have felt while shooting them. One of the most popular VR shows by Discovery is Sharks.

4. VirtualSpeech

For those who get stage fear or want to practice public speaking, this is one amazing app to try. The app provides you with a series of scenarios to choose from like meetings, public speaking, and so on so that you can practice your communication and public speaking skills. It is ideal for students as well as adults who want some way to improve their skills.

5. VR Rollercoaster

If you have a VR headset, you must have a rollercoaster app on your phone. It is the unwritten rule of the world of Virtual Reality. This app is more of a game that will take you on a virtual ride of rollercoasters. You can select different rides and have some fun watching your friends and family going crazy while using this app. It is an experience no one can ever forget.

In the fast-growing world of technology, VR is slowly dominating different fields. There is educational and entertainment content available for iPhone users to enjoy. With more companies entering the field, the future is promising for VR.

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