CakePHP vs. Laravel: Which is Best & Efficient for your Business Website?

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CakePHP vs. Laravel: Which is Best & Efficient for your Business Website?

According to a report, 77.6% of websites now use PHP 7 as a server-side programming language.

You can easily add functionalities to the web pages without having 3rd party files. Likewise, there are various other benefits why people are bending toward CakePHP and Laravel frameworks. 

Renowned websites like Invoice Ninja, Alison, Barchart, and MyRank are built using Laravel. On the other hand, Mapme, Education Unlimited, Elite Performance and Fitness, Mygasfeed are built using CakePHP.

Your business website is the store of your core products/services. It will reflect your business objectives in front of your audience. Therefore, you need to choose a framework to develop a robust website that entices the customers. However, you must not throw the baby out with the bath water.  Before proceeding with your decision, ask yourself these questions-

●   Is Laravel better than CakePHP?

●   Why is CakePHP used?

●   Why is Laravel used?

●   What is the difference between Laravel and CakePHP?

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open-source PHP framework that is developed on MVC architecture. It facilitates efficient development along with the maintenance of web applications. Also, Cake PHP offers safe request handling, built-in validation, unit testing, business logic support, and other beneficial features.

This framework works on a DOD or document-oriented database model. Developers can store the data in JSON format instead of columns and rows.

Key features of PHP

Robust performance- Developing websites to provide robust data validation methods is necessary. With CakePHP, it can be done seamlessly. Advanced tools make this task easier for the developers.

Highly user-friendly- CakePHP framework is user-friendly. That is why it is getting popular with every passing day. It helps developers to develop complex websites. You can also customize your website centered on your requirements.

Quick bug fixing- It may be hard to fix the bugs of your business website. The rigorous testing process allows CakePHP to fix things while creating a complex application.

● Easier to develop high-performance applications- Want to stand out from the crowd with your website? CakePHP framework would help to reach your goal.  Develop high-performance websites at a competitive price with CakePHP.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that helps to create robust web applications. It is centered on MVC architecture. It offers expressive command-line interfaces, an extensive library with reusable components, and fast web development tools.

Laravel developers use this framework to build robust web applications. It entails easy-to-maintain codebases that are highly scalable. Also, Laravel developers use ORM or object-relational mapping to manipulate databases.

Key features of Laravel

● In-built widgets- Laravel offers various in-built widgets to Laravel experts, which enables users to reuse particular functions in different forms.

● Unit testing- Most web developers prefer Laravel as this framework provides unit testing. Also, it is capable of running tests to ensure the developed website is error-free.

● Modular functionalities and libraries- Laravel developers can use in-built modular libraries. These are inaccessible in other significant PHP frameworks.

● Eloquent ORM-  Developers can use this functionality for writing SQL queries with the help of PHP syntax. Compared to other frameworks, ORM is faster.

Key differences between Laravel and PHP

Both Laravel and CakePHP are popular due to their various benefits. However, there are some major differences-

  1. CakePHP is centered around a document-oriented database model. On the contrary, Laravel is based on an object-oriented model.
  2. CakePHP is implemented on a hierarchical model view controller or HMVC. On the other hand, Laravel is based on MVC or model view controller.
  3. CakePHP is suitable for small-scale projects. However, Laravel is not appropriate for smaller projects. it would be complex for the same.
  4. Compared to Laravel, CakePHP is considered more crucial.
  5. In terms of routing, CakePHP is more suitable than Laravel.
  6. For rapid web development and enhancement, the Laravel framework would be a better choice than CakePHP.
  7. Regarding data backup and handling, Laravel framework would be better than CakePHP.
  8. There is no compiler facility in CakePHP. However, the same is present in Laravel.

Laravel Vs. CakePHP: Comparison Table

Perspective of comparisonCakePHPLaravel
1. Regular performanceIn the case of small projects and small data sets, CakePHP performs better than Laravel.Laravel generates satisfying performance for more extensive projects because it offers a two-way data binding process.
2. Performance testingAs CakePHP doesn’t have any data binding process, it only provides a swift testing experience for smaller applications.Laravel is preferred for large application performance testing due to its smoothness.
3. Templating performanceCakePHP uses Underscore templates, which aren’t fully featured.Through dynamic HTML attributes, Laravel offers robust templates. It can be easily added to the document to understand the application.
4. Advanced features performanceCakePHP works mainly on MVC architecture. It has a smaller application manipulation approach to represent the changes in application structure and data.To rebuild the web element, Laravel focuses on dynamic elements and valid HTML. Accordingly, it works on the updated methods of data. 
5. Architectural performanceCakePHP works on HMVC architecture and doesn’t provide a data binding process.Laravel works with MVC architecture. It uses two-way data binding for driving application activity.

When to opt for Laravel?

●   If you want to finish the development process faster, then Laravel could be your ideal choice. It uses a two-way binding process which ensures faster time-to-market.

●   If you want a development framework for large-scale projects, you should choose Laravel.

●   You must hire a Laravel developer to handle customer data efficiently.

When to opt for CakePHP?

●   If you plan to develop limited functionalities with MVC architecture, you can go for CakePHP.

●   If you’re looking for flexible and fast templating with localization and data sanitation, you can opt for CakePHP.

Laravel Vs. CakePHP; Who is the winner?

You can choose the proper framework for your company based on your requirements. Both CakePHP and Laravel have their unique set of features. It makes them favorable and efficient from different perspectives. On and all, you can follow the necessities which will fit into your bill. Alternatively, you can hire a Laravel developer or a CakePHP expert to understand your needs and develop the website accordingly.

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